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The Lohman brand of game calls is one of the oldest known brands around. Originated around or before the 1950's. Lohman game calls was once an independent company. Then being acquired by various outdoor product companies. One being Kolpin outdoors. The Lohman lineup of calls has seen little to no change in design since the original companies foray. With it's major changes occurring during the time Bill Harper, a well known call maker, owned the company from 1979-1989 before Kolpin. The brand has been consistent and well received during the years. Now owned and operated by Flambeau inc.. They continue the Lohman tradition.

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One of the most popular Crow calls to ever be produced, the Lohman Classic Crow Call is a rare site.
One of very few calls to still be produced completely out of wood, including the insert mouthpiece. The Lohman Classic Crow should be part of every collection.

The Classic Crow is a terrific sounding call, realistic and quite raspy. It's been a favorite for years. It's loud and has great presence. The sound emitted gives correct inflection and voice to give you the full capability to call a crow. In the right hands this call can produce a myriad of accurate crow sounds. When you first hear it, it sounds like the crow is right beside you.

Made from a thick gorgeous piece of Black Walnut, with a beautiful Cherry wood mouthpiece insert.
The barrel itself is smooth, with lots of wood grain character and no blemishes, cracks, or nicks of any kind. Finished off with a lustrous polyurethane, which is applied flawlessly. The shape of the barrel is a tapered back to front design with a flared mouth. Cut relatively flat, sanded and finished smooth.
Laser Engraved on the body is the Lohman name, and it does not impose on the design of the call.
The mouthpiece is very wide, shaped excellently and works exceptionally well with the design. A joy to gander at and use. The reed is synthetic however and we would have loved to have seen a natural reed used on a call of this caliber.
The inside barrel is finished about 1/2" in. A half inch more would have increased it's looks, but now I'm just being picky.
Coming from a large company, I'm amazed at the quality control and craftsmanship of the call. Not only is the call entirely wood, something not common for even independent craftsmen. The fact that Flambeau, as the companies before them, have continued to produce this outstanding call is a benefit to the game call world.

The call has the normal lanyard ring groove, cut in a "V" shape that will hold onto your cord effortlessly.
The mouthpiece is a very unique design. It's extra wide, and provides a stable platform to hold onto if your calling with no hands. This is absolutely a terrific mouthpiece and in tests, It is the best one I've ever used. It's the most versatile mouthpiece insert out there. This alone should be a huge consideration to owning one.
There's a lot more to this call then it's wonderful mouthpiece. The Classic Crow is robust, lightweight, but very durable due to it's thick walnut body. A comfort while handling, and the right size to manipulate sound with your hands. You can easily cup the front of the call. The Lohman crow call design has been around a very long time, and it has survived the marketplace many years without any significant change to it's fabrication. Flambeau has got the goods on this one, and acquired a design that is sure to last!

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